About ShoeHeals


Our Story


ShoeHeals is the vision of founder Charisma Cannon. After experiencing a series of personal setbacks several years ago, Ms. Cannon herself went through a “crisis of confidence” in her journey to regain her footing in life. As a result, she was given the idea to provide shoes for those whom a “crisis of confidence” is a way of life.

Being a diehard shoe lover and realizing an opportunity to help others, Ms. Cannon began conducting research with local social service agencies in the Chicagoland area to see if there was a need for an organization that provided shoes. In her research, she discovered that shoes are the least donated item. And when they are, they arrive in such poor condition that they are not fit to be worn for more than a few weeks. So she thought, “what if there was an organization that not only provided shoes, but NEW shoes to those in need?” Hence, the birth of ShoeHeals.

Recognizing that shoes provide more than protection for the feet, Ms. Cannon created ShoeHeals from a desire to restore the self-esteem and dignity that come with owning a NEW pair of shoes, especially for those whose world is mired in “NO” because of their difficult life situations. At ShoeHeals, our motto is simple: Shoes Heal. And we aspire to help heal the human spirit by allowing people to put their best foot forward.


The Founder


Creative, resourceful, dynamic and charming are a few of the powerful and positive words people use to describe Charisma Cannon.

Through ShoeHeals, Ms. Cannon has merged her two passions: shoes and serving others; and the service she provides through her organization is the single, most fulfilling and rewarding endeavor she has experienced.

No stranger to non-profit marketing and public relations success, Ms. Cannon has lived and worked in three of the top 10 advertising and media markets in the nation and created several major marketing successes for the various organizations she has served during her career, including Planned Parenthood of New York City, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Ms. Cannon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago.

She is a self-proclaimed foodie and die-hard shoe junkie who enjoys sampling the many eclectic restaurants Chicago has to offer and shopping for the hottest shoes in town.